Range Rover Maintenance & Repair Service Center

1 Best Range Rover Service Center & Range Rover Workshop in Sharjah. Turkia Auto Maintenance specialist for Range Rover Car is been servicing a wide range of New Model, Late Model and Older Range Rover Land Rover Cars. We can provide you with the expert technical advise you need for Range Rover repairs and Range Rover servicing, across the Range Rover range. Turkia auto maintenance is an exceptional, independent German cars workshop, offering German car repairs and servicing to Land Rover Range Rover customers in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Our Special Car Services:.
We are Covered MECHANICAL:. Complete Inspections 1- Engine Replace & Rebuild , 2-Transmission (Gear Box) Replace & Rebuild 3- Brake pad Replace , Engine Oil Service with Check Air FIlter , AC Filter , Coolant , Brake oil, Power Steering OIL etc.
2. Electrical
We have Diagnosing Computer Center All European Cars & Re-Programming System Repair Performing ECU , ABS , ATC, ESP , A/C etc
3. AC Work.
4. Body Kit Modification (Range Rover Sport Vogue & European Cars)

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