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Land Rover Range Rover Recovery Service

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Land Rover Range Rover Recovery Service

Best Workshop for Land Rover Range Rover Jaguar & German Cars in Sharjah UAE

To complement our workshop Turkia auto workshop facility also has a small fleet of recovery trucks covering the whole of the UAE from our base in Sharjah. Our modern fleet of trucks is equipped to move all types of cars & SUVs using both tilt and full flat bed trucks, depending upon the application. One of our flatbed trucks has been specifically manufactured and equipped to move circuit racing cars and exotic road cars. The bed rolls off the back of the truck and provides a near flat loading platform to load and secure the car being recovered. Having been manufactured with the express purpose of loading cars with minimal ground clearance, this is the perfect recovery truck to ensure the safe transportation of any sports or exotic car. In addition to transporting cars and SUVs, two of our trucks are equipped with suitable tie down straps and securing points to carry motorbikes & transport them in safety to your required destination. All of our recovery services are coordinated through the workshop, call on 050-5499987