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Gearbox Repair & Replacement

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Gearbox Repair & Replacement

Gearboxes are a vital component in any car, getting it repaired is even more vital. Whether it is Manual or Automatic getting a gearbox repair or even replaced is an unfamiliar sight in Sharjah.

At Turkia auto workshop we are able repair a small oil leak, completely rebuild or even completely replace your gearbox.

Don’t put up with it. A small oil leak on your drive can be a little annoying but leaving your gearbox low on oil can cause a bigger problem than an oil stain.

Getting your gearbox checked at could save you a lot of money in the long run, but if it’s a little too late then rest assured we have the Technicians that can deal with every scenario.

Call Us at Turkia auto workshop to discuss your requirements or book an appointment today.